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Sunday, June 9, 2019

This Term.

This term has been great.From making friends to writing,addition,subtraction,division and multiplication algorithms and...bedmas we have done persuasive writing and formal writing my favorite explanation writing.Some people has also improved in reading like finding the meaning and stuff like that from this to that many people has improved in many different ways.I even tried out for some of the J.H.C tryouts I think I made it into the decision round for badminton,table tennis and even volleyball well that's it  for me well see you in the next ->TRUE<-story byeeeeeee!

Join me in my journey of my life as a year 8

Cross country

3 2 1(clap) and i started running but but each one of my steps my heart pounded boom boom boom as I was counting in my mind 1 2 3 each one ...