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Sunday, May 5, 2019

                                            Reflect and celebrate 

(This week for the blogging challenge we had to reflect and celebrate all though i dont understand what this challenge is but ill give it a go...)

(O week one) The start of the blogging challenge all the way to the end...The start of the blogging challenge I loved how you had to make a character and there was multi ways to design your own character.

(On week two) Im  pretty sure on week two we had to create our own poem i think we had to wright our poem i think. Any ways i loved how we had to create a poem about ourselves and if you want you can even challenge your self to make it rhyme

(in week three)In week three im pretty sure we had to explain stuff about our school like how our school look and functions.

(in week four) In week four im pretty sure we had to do the 100 word challenge and it was sort of difficult for me to wright a story with exactly 100 words.

(in week five)In week five im pretty sure we had to tell things about blogger like how it works and what it does to help to create an amazing blog.

(in week six ) in week six we had to comment on other peoples blog it helped us with how we should comment on others blogs and teaches us not to cyber bully.

(in week seven)In week seven im pretty sure there we were spouse to do a thing on copyright but I never started hhhhhh im gonna be in big trouble...well lets continue.

(On week 10) today we were suppose to reflect and celebrate.

(Im sorry i do=int do week 8 or 9 cause i didn't finish so yeah...

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